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Dr. Kathleen Ragan

Dr. Ragan is a published author with two widely acclaimed anthologies. Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters brings together female heroines from around the world. Outfoxing Fear uses folk and fairytales to help readers understand and overcome fear. Dr. Ragan's academic work focuses on gender within the storytelling process from storytellers to publishers.

Author, Anthologist, Storyteller, Ph.D.


Dr. Ragan's anthologies are available at a number of sellers' websites. Click on the links below to purchase.

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Stories and Pictures

From my first hesitant steps in foreign lands to later travels across the globe, from my fascination with the first tale to reading over 50,000 tales, the road I’ve traveled and my love of stories stand firmly at the center of my life’s work and passion. Click below to see a selection of 18 pictures and stories that highlight my lifetime interests and connect to some of my favorite stories.

Storytelling and Speeches

An experienced speaker and storyteller, Dr. Ragan has spoken at events around the U.S. and the world and has participated at numerous folk and fairytale conferences. 

"Little Red Cap"Germany
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Dr. Ragan's academic work contributed to her Ph.D. and focused on gender roles in oral storytelling, collecting, and publishing.

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